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(me) tired

Pel(skull)Quin in (paw)Tomic

Posted by peloquin3 on 2002.10.04 at 08:19
Well, last night was a big night, that girl that lives in town with me seems to have dissed all the animals in favor of fishing. She paid off her first loan and had ample change left over after an active night of fishing, but all I hear from the animals is "Where is she?" Why doesn't she right?" "She's kind of rude, you know?" and stuff like that. I wouldn't know, though, I haven't met her. ;)

Anyway, the big news from last night is that Anicotti, the mouse that lives down by the shore, is moving away. She told me this and asked me to help her move. Since I'm such an upstanding guy, I agreed. Later, I can only assume in thanks for agreeing to help, she gave me the Legend of Zelda Master Sword. It's pretty nice, a sword in a stone with a little triangle thingy on the rock. I'm not quite sure what to do with it, so I just put it in my house. It doesn't really fit, I'm thinking of selling it, but then what would I remember Annicotti with? I don't think she's ever sent me a letter.

I'm about half way to paying off my expansion, then I'm going to go with Gray's suggestion and pick myself up a basement, I have a lot of stuff that's just taking up space that could be well suited to being in a basement. I hope to get that done by tomorrow, but the fishing was a little thin after that other girl in town pretty much fished out the day. I still don't know about her, I've sent her two letters with presents and still haven't heard anything from her beyond the posing on the message board.

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