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Gray on gray // by da_bwat

Singing in the rain!

Posted by gramalkin on 2002.10.04 at 09:35
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
I have to say, rainy days get a bad rap.

It was raining in (cat)mandu all day yesterday. No one was doing much of anything. There were few fossils to be dug up, but at least my new fruit trees seem to be doing well. Fishing is supposed to be good when it rains, so I grab my pole, drop off everything but my new twig umbrella and head for the beach (I prefer ocean fishing to river fishing). After pulling up two red snappers in a row, I see this huge shadow in the waters by the dock. Not one to be scared away by size, I tossed my lure out there to see if it would bite. The pesky beast side stepped by bait three or four times before finally striking. After a tremendous fight, I hauled in possibly the ugliest fish I have ever seen! I took it to Blathers and he eventually got around to telling me it was a celocanth, a living fossil that hasn't evolved in over a thousand years. Quite a find.

I peacefully went back to fishing, and in the course of a half hour, I pulled up two more fossil fish. After loading up on red snapper and barred knifejaws, I headed over to the Nookway to see what ole Tom would offer for them. Apparently there is quite the demand for fossil fish (they only come close to shore on rainy days) and Tom offered me 15,000 bells each! I eagerly took his money and then headed for the post office. My new basement had been completed the day before, but with Tom busy expanding his store today was the first day I could pay him for it. With just those two fish I was able to more than pay for the basement debt (which was just under 50k).

I am now waiting for Tom to expand my house once again. I even have two more fossil fish stowed away in my basement for payment.

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