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The Trees they are a-Growin!

Posted by peloquin3 on 2002.10.09 at 18:40
Well, success has finally hit my tree growing experiments. I've successfully brought four new fuits to (paw)Tomic, including a coconut tree. We now have Cherries (our native fruit), Apples, Pears, Peaches, and Coconuts. I'm very excited when I walk past a new tree with bright foreign fruit on it.

Not a lot of other news has come up lately, life seems to be slipping into a bit of a status quo. I did finally manage to catch a Coelocanth but I only got one in the three days it rained so I had to give it to the museum and missed out on some fat cash, which could be really handy now since I'm knee deep in debt trying to pay off this latest expansion to my house. I've got my basement in place and I have since upgraded the main upstairs room, the Happy Room Association doesn't like it now though, they say I have too much space and not enough furniture. If these stupid animals would start giving me furniture instead of stationary and shirts, I'd be a lot better off.

I spent the day visiting (cat)mandu the other day, it was very nice, though we lost our favorite new resident while we were away. Lucky, a mumified dog, decided that we didn't get him his ball fast enough and packed up for (cat)mandu, where the residents there are known for speedy ball delivery (or so I've heard).

Otherwise, as I've said, it's all been pretty quiet: do a job here, write a letter there, throw back this sea bass, pull up that weed. Now if only I can get Hambo to take out the invading Russians we'll be safe.


taloncomics at 2002-10-09 20:24 (UTC) (Link)
I'll trade you an orange for an apple. :)
Certified Personal Trainee
peloquin3 at 2002-10-09 20:27 (UTC) (Link)
you tell me when to bring what and where and I'll bring it!
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