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(me) tired

Pel(skull)Quin in (paw)Tomic

Posted by peloquin3 on 2002.10.03 at 13:37
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I've been "Crossing Animals" techinically since September 27th but I've only owned the game since Monday (Sept. 30) but have been playing it daily since.

It's tough to get going when you can only be on after 5:00. I usually am able to play starting around 6:00 or so (damn 8-5 job), as a result, all the animals in town call my a lazy bastard (or something similar). It took a little while to pay off the first mortgage, not because I couldn't raise the cash, but because I couldn't sell all the stuff I was collecting. When I finally was able to get on at a decent hour and the store wasn't closed due to raffle day or remodelling, I had my house paid for and upgraded almost instantly (except for that whole waiting to the next day for the larger house bit, do you know how many fish you can store in a small house? not many, that's for sure). I am now at the first upgrade and have paid 1/3 of it off in one afternoon. I hope to get a bit more paid off and be onto a basement by the weekend. Tom's store is open until 11 now, and that seems to be helping a lot. Can't wait until he upgrades again. I may just have to keep buying out his store to give him funds, he deserves it.

I have a new resident, one of those kinds that can't ever be seen when you're playing, but lives next door and their mailbox is always blinking when you so desperately wish yours was. She's a bit of a slob, her house was completely full of bugs (in cages thankfully) and she left fruit and shells all over the main courtyard. I can only assume she was waiting for Tom to reopen, but sheesh, what a mess. I sent her a welcome letter, but she hasn't written me back. I wonder if she knows who I am since I can't introduce myself in person.

I've been trying to grow fruit trees. It seems more an art than a science. To date I have burried at least 4 perfectly good pears to no avail. I have one, though, that I think is going to take. It's getting pretty big now, the tree is as tall as me last time I checked. I never look at it more than once a day, per Hugh's suggestion. He seems to know what he's talking about even if he can't read my letters. I'm going to have to send him the first pear off the tree if it takes. I am kind of sad though, I planted an apple, the only one I've ever seen, and it promptly died. I treated just like all the others, but again, it's dead. I need fertilizer or a lawn sprinkler I think.

At any rate, the town seems to be doing alright so far. I'll keep you informed as to how things are coming along!


(me) tired
Posted by peloquin3 on 2002.10.03 at 13:13
So here it is, the Animal Crossing Journal for my friends an I to post in, and everyone to read. If you are interested in joining, send me a request, for you see, this is a members only community. I want to make sure the posts here are of a more "serious" nature, or at least as serious as one can get about a game where you collect shells and fish in order to pay for your house. ;)

Anyway, on with the adventures in (cat)mandu and (paw)Tomic!

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