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(me) tired

I am a fishing GOD

Posted by peloquin3 on 2002.11.18 at 11:13
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: "Love on Haight Street" by bt
So, I missed all of mushroom hunting last month, but I've been getting in on the Fishing tourneys this month and, well, I guess I'm not really a god, I only won one turney with a 24-incher, but it's still the largest fish caught in (paw)Tomic. Other than that, not much has been going on, I've been trying to clean up the design in my house, but I don't like it as much as I did when it was more cluttered. I've stopped even trying to pay off my debt, I don't care about the gold statue (sorry everyone, I think they're ugly and ostentatious. I still owe 380,000 bells, but I've got my house as big as it will get and I'm not making money like I used to (I got bored of fishing for profit).

Now I just wander around, talk to people and watch for new things in town. I'm more passive, but I am happier living in debt.

(me) tired


Posted by peloquin3 on 2002.11.01 at 08:22
Well, last night was Halloween and I almost forgot to take all that candy I'd been collecting and share it with my neighbors (it's easier when they come to me). I had no idea how greedy they were going to be! I mean they came running from a distance, nearly knocking me over to get my precious candy. I told Rocco he couldn't have a second peice and he knocked me down, stripped me naked and made me wear this patchwork shirt! To be quite honest, except for the stripping me naked bit, I kind of liked it, I definitely like the shirt. Maybe I need some therapy.

I finally found the Mayor in all the crowd, he was actually pretty easy to spot, he was the only one not running around like a four year old hopped up on sugar. He told me it was very nice of me to give out candy to those greedy little slackabouts, and gave me a treat for all my hard work and dedication.

Anyway, aside from the activities last night, things have been pretty quiet, I've been doing jobs, making money fishing, paying off my final debt (down to about 180k now). It's nice to watch the folliage change, I'm not looking forward to a hard cold winter, but it will at least be fun to see the snow.

Sorry I don't have more to say, I know it's been a while since I've said anything at all. I'll write more when I get work!

Gray on gray // by da_bwat

Busy little bees

Posted by gramalkin on 2002.10.12 at 08:36
Current Mood: productive
Things have been moving along nicely in (cat)mandu.

I have paid off my expansion and have had a second story put on my house. I am now roughly 700k bells in debt to Tom Nook. He says that he can't expand any further, so I guess once this is paid off then I can kick back a little and start completing some of my furniture collections.

My shovel tree has matured, but I did not see a shovel hanging from the branches. However, once shaken, the tree did drop a shovel at my feet. I've found that with this new golden shovel, I can dig at random and sometimes will be rewarded with a bag of 100 bells. I once even dug up a fossil where there had been no evidence of anything buried there. I think I like this shovel very much.

While fishing the other day, I pulled a large char out of the pond at the base of the waterfall. I had caught one before and it had been donated to Blathers. So, I went to see what Tom Nook would offer for it... 10,000 bells! I was amazed. This large char was almost worth what the ceolocanth was worth!

Our fruit trees have been doing well too. We have a number of cherry trees scattered around town, as well as two or three apple trees. I have a lovely pear tree just behind my house, and we have a single orange tree by the train station. Now if I can just get some coconuts to grow on the beach.

I have been having terrible luck trying to catch bees. I have suffered multiple stings and my face has swollen to the point some of the townsfolk don't recognize me. If anyone else has had better luck in catching those pesky bugs, please give me some tips!

(me) tired

The Trees they are a-Growin!

Posted by peloquin3 on 2002.10.09 at 18:40
Well, success has finally hit my tree growing experiments. I've successfully brought four new fuits to (paw)Tomic, including a coconut tree. We now have Cherries (our native fruit), Apples, Pears, Peaches, and Coconuts. I'm very excited when I walk past a new tree with bright foreign fruit on it.

Not a lot of other news has come up lately, life seems to be slipping into a bit of a status quo. I did finally manage to catch a Coelocanth but I only got one in the three days it rained so I had to give it to the museum and missed out on some fat cash, which could be really handy now since I'm knee deep in debt trying to pay off this latest expansion to my house. I've got my basement in place and I have since upgraded the main upstairs room, the Happy Room Association doesn't like it now though, they say I have too much space and not enough furniture. If these stupid animals would start giving me furniture instead of stationary and shirts, I'd be a lot better off.

I spent the day visiting (cat)mandu the other day, it was very nice, though we lost our favorite new resident while we were away. Lucky, a mumified dog, decided that we didn't get him his ball fast enough and packed up for (cat)mandu, where the residents there are known for speedy ball delivery (or so I've heard).

Otherwise, as I've said, it's all been pretty quiet: do a job here, write a letter there, throw back this sea bass, pull up that weed. Now if only I can get Hambo to take out the invading Russians we'll be safe.

"Welcome to Talon" aka "Abandon All Hope..." prologue

Posted by taloncomics on 2002.10.06 at 05:57
Current Mood: crushedcrushed
I found myself on a train Sept. 9th with that weird cat, Rover. You know the drill... He asked me where I was going and of course I said Talon! I mean honestly, I'm either at home or at Talon so it was a knee jerk reaction.

This cat is asking me all sorts of questions... Name, rank and cash status. I'm playing along and all that until we get to "Talon." It isn't my store at all. It's some weird town with, get this, monkeys driving the train and as the porter. Monkeys! They're driving the train!

Anyway, since it seems we're all in a variation of the same dream (which I have a theory on by the way) so you probably know all the stuff that happened after that.


For nearly a month now I've been "living" in Talon. Strange things have happened moat importantly meeting the other residents of this place. Of course you all know they're animals that walk and talk... "Talk" might be too stong of a word for the things that come out of their mouths but I understand them just the same. I don't know if they're people in costumes, animal spirits or demons sent to torment us but for the most part they're friendly. Mean spirited sometimes but friendly.

What this place is I'm still not certain but it seems we, we being Peloquin3, Gramalkin and myself, are all living the same dream. Collectively this dream seems to be called Animal Crossing. I'm not exactly what AC is the name of but I think it's some kind of dream realm.

I haven't given up hope that this is just a dream and neither should you. Don't be sucked in by the seductive patterns your towns offer you. Fishing, Feng Shui, bug collecting and more... They're all distractions to keep you seeing past the curtain of this dream. Your real lives still exist!

I remember mine! There was a place called Talon... And... And I live there... And my friends live there too... Think Derek! Think Dammit... Uh... There's Belle... Spike... Punchy... That store owner Tom Nook... And a bunch more... So many friends...

I have lots of friends in Talon! You should come live here too! We can all be friends! It'll be so much fun! Heck, in October there's mushroom hunting and Halloween! Be sure to get candy from Tom Nook's or you're friends will play tricks on you!

I love this place! Animal Crossing is a wonderful world to live in. I never want to leave! :)


Oh God... It's all about Animal Crossing now...

(me) tired

Just My Luck

Posted by peloquin3 on 2002.10.05 at 14:50
Current Mood: tiredtired
I got my basement, I have to agree, it is definitely a great addition to the house, worth every red bell! Now if only I could turn my basement full of fish and bugs into cash to pay off my debt!

It figures that the first day I don't have any other obligations - the first day I can devote entirely to fishing and doing good deeds - the Nook-N-Go closes to make way for the new and improved NookWay! So here I am running all over town not able to buy or sell anything. My basement is literally filling up with fish and bugs.

On the bright side, I not only met Wendell the wandering wallpaper artist, I figured out what his favorite food is (no spoilers here :p ) and got one of his "special" wallpapers. I don't' know how he did it, but this new wallpaper was pretty much exactly what I'd been looking for, it matches my decor perfectly. And strangely enough, as happy as I was with my steel floor, I finally found a classier floor that goes really well with my furniture, my interior design, and luckily, my new wallpaper. It was a good day for house design, thanks Patty! A new basement and new walls and floors, all at the same time!

The rest of the day has been pretty standard, get this, take it to him, fish, catch bugs, get my thing back, etc. etc. etc. Let me get my one gripe off my chest, Caesar (ape) can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. First off, he tells me to get this video tape for him. I go from person to person, each saying they loaned it to someone else, and finally track it down to Hugh (pig). Of course by the time I've gone from animal to animal to animal looking for his precious tape, Hugh's asleep. So I have to wait until the next morning to get his tape.

The next morning rolls around and I head out to Hugh's, he's up and about and I ask him about the tape, he hands it over with no problems. When I get to Caesar's house, I find that he was up so late last night, he's still in bed. Now I gotta carry this tape around with me until he wakes up. I decide I'll go do some other jobs while I'm waiting. Here's where it starts getting weird. Half the town is saying they can't give me any work, they're waiting on me to give that tape to Caesar. "Damnit Caesar, wake up!" I scream, banging on his door with an ax. I finally find Velma (goat) who has a job for me. Apparently she loaned a video tape to someone the other day and wants it back. The creepy similarity hadn't hit me at this point yet. I track this 2nd video tape back through three people when all of a sudden someone says "you know what? I loaned that tape to Caesar." I look in my hands to find a tape that I'm trying to take back to Caesar and start thinking that he said he wanted it back because he needed to return it to someone!

So I head back to Caesar's, moments later when I realize he's still sleeping, I'm back to banging on his door with the back end of my ax! I don't' feel the least bit bad that I used one of my pitfalls on him. He deserved it, the punk!

Gray on gray // by da_bwat

Singing in the rain!

Posted by gramalkin on 2002.10.04 at 09:35
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
I have to say, rainy days get a bad rap.

It was raining in (cat)mandu all day yesterday. No one was doing much of anything. There were few fossils to be dug up, but at least my new fruit trees seem to be doing well. Fishing is supposed to be good when it rains, so I grab my pole, drop off everything but my new twig umbrella and head for the beach (I prefer ocean fishing to river fishing). After pulling up two red snappers in a row, I see this huge shadow in the waters by the dock. Not one to be scared away by size, I tossed my lure out there to see if it would bite. The pesky beast side stepped by bait three or four times before finally striking. After a tremendous fight, I hauled in possibly the ugliest fish I have ever seen! I took it to Blathers and he eventually got around to telling me it was a celocanth, a living fossil that hasn't evolved in over a thousand years. Quite a find.

I peacefully went back to fishing, and in the course of a half hour, I pulled up two more fossil fish. After loading up on red snapper and barred knifejaws, I headed over to the Nookway to see what ole Tom would offer for them. Apparently there is quite the demand for fossil fish (they only come close to shore on rainy days) and Tom offered me 15,000 bells each! I eagerly took his money and then headed for the post office. My new basement had been completed the day before, but with Tom busy expanding his store today was the first day I could pay him for it. With just those two fish I was able to more than pay for the basement debt (which was just under 50k).

I am now waiting for Tom to expand my house once again. I even have two more fossil fish stowed away in my basement for payment.

(me) tired

Pel(skull)Quin in (paw)Tomic

Posted by peloquin3 on 2002.10.04 at 08:19
Well, last night was a big night, that girl that lives in town with me seems to have dissed all the animals in favor of fishing. She paid off her first loan and had ample change left over after an active night of fishing, but all I hear from the animals is "Where is she?" Why doesn't she right?" "She's kind of rude, you know?" and stuff like that. I wouldn't know, though, I haven't met her. ;)

Anyway, the big news from last night is that Anicotti, the mouse that lives down by the shore, is moving away. She told me this and asked me to help her move. Since I'm such an upstanding guy, I agreed. Later, I can only assume in thanks for agreeing to help, she gave me the Legend of Zelda Master Sword. It's pretty nice, a sword in a stone with a little triangle thingy on the rock. I'm not quite sure what to do with it, so I just put it in my house. It doesn't really fit, I'm thinking of selling it, but then what would I remember Annicotti with? I don't think she's ever sent me a letter.

I'm about half way to paying off my expansion, then I'm going to go with Gray's suggestion and pick myself up a basement, I have a lot of stuff that's just taking up space that could be well suited to being in a basement. I hope to get that done by tomorrow, but the fishing was a little thin after that other girl in town pretty much fished out the day. I still don't know about her, I've sent her two letters with presents and still haven't heard anything from her beyond the posing on the message board.

Gray on gray // by da_bwat

October events

Posted by gramalkin on 2002.10.03 at 14:45
These events are listed per The Crossing Guardian

2nd Monday (14th) - Explorer's Day
Head over to the fountain to hear the Mayor's thoughts on exploring.

15th through 25th - Mushrooming Day
Wake up early and find the valuable mushrooms... before your neighbors do.

31st - Halloween
Trick or Treat! See if you can uncover the Mayor for an eerie prize.

Gray on gray // by da_bwat

Gray in (cat)mandu

Posted by gramalkin on 2002.10.03 at 14:27
Things are booming in (cat)mandu. We have had yet another new person, Bunny (a rabbit surprisingly) move into town. Let's see if I can remember everyone else: Valise (kangaroo), Biskit (dog), Kiki (cat), Lily (frog), Buck (horse), Iggy (goat), Rasher (pig), Dotty (rabbit), Blair (either a black squirrel or a skunk, there's some debate), and Spork (pig).

We've had two people move away, but they moved to (paw)Tomic, so it's not a big loss. Rocco, a rather unpleasant hippo, we were happy to see move away, but are sad that the people of (paw)Tomic now have to put up with him. Patty, a rather materialistic and shallow cow, we're kind of torn about. I mean we weren't all that close, but she seemed nice at least. I've had reports from the people of (paw)Tomic that she is complaining about me though, something about the fact that I NEVER wrote her a letter. *shrug*

I had my new basement finished yesterday, and I highly recommend them. While dank and dreary, they are HUGE. I have been thinking of trying to keep a full dinosaur skeleton in mine so I have something to look at down there. Since I can't put down carpet or put up wallpaper, I have to do something with it.

Tom's store was closed all day yesterday as he was remodeling for a second time. I hope that his new super-store has longer hours now that he's done. From 7a-11p was a big improvement over his original hours, I'm hoping for an equivalent increase in availability... 24/7 would be nice. ;)

I'm afraid that the coconuts I brought back from (cow)pa(cow)bana Island have not taken. We planted nearly a dozen coconut trees and not a single one has survived the night. It's been suggested that I plant them only on the coast, and then ignore them as much as possible, so I will try again when I can harvest more coconuts.

Katrina, the fortune teller, also visited our town yesterday. According to Officer Copper, she was supposed to arrive Oct 1st, so he was a day off. Fancy and I spent a good deal of the day looking for her on the 1st, so her being late was a major pain. Her fortune to me was a little less than I expected as well. In a nutshell, both good and bad occur in life, so take it all in stride. I think I want my 50 bells back.

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