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November 1st, 2002

(me) tired


Posted by peloquin3 on 2002.11.01 at 08:22
Well, last night was Halloween and I almost forgot to take all that candy I'd been collecting and share it with my neighbors (it's easier when they come to me). I had no idea how greedy they were going to be! I mean they came running from a distance, nearly knocking me over to get my precious candy. I told Rocco he couldn't have a second peice and he knocked me down, stripped me naked and made me wear this patchwork shirt! To be quite honest, except for the stripping me naked bit, I kind of liked it, I definitely like the shirt. Maybe I need some therapy.

I finally found the Mayor in all the crowd, he was actually pretty easy to spot, he was the only one not running around like a four year old hopped up on sugar. He told me it was very nice of me to give out candy to those greedy little slackabouts, and gave me a treat for all my hard work and dedication.

Anyway, aside from the activities last night, things have been pretty quiet, I've been doing jobs, making money fishing, paying off my final debt (down to about 180k now). It's nice to watch the folliage change, I'm not looking forward to a hard cold winter, but it will at least be fun to see the snow.

Sorry I don't have more to say, I know it's been a while since I've said anything at all. I'll write more when I get work!

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