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"Welcome to Talon" aka "Abandon All Hope..." prologue

Posted by taloncomics on 2002.10.06 at 05:57
Current Mood: crushedcrushed
I found myself on a train Sept. 9th with that weird cat, Rover. You know the drill... He asked me where I was going and of course I said Talon! I mean honestly, I'm either at home or at Talon so it was a knee jerk reaction.

This cat is asking me all sorts of questions... Name, rank and cash status. I'm playing along and all that until we get to "Talon." It isn't my store at all. It's some weird town with, get this, monkeys driving the train and as the porter. Monkeys! They're driving the train!

Anyway, since it seems we're all in a variation of the same dream (which I have a theory on by the way) so you probably know all the stuff that happened after that.


For nearly a month now I've been "living" in Talon. Strange things have happened moat importantly meeting the other residents of this place. Of course you all know they're animals that walk and talk... "Talk" might be too stong of a word for the things that come out of their mouths but I understand them just the same. I don't know if they're people in costumes, animal spirits or demons sent to torment us but for the most part they're friendly. Mean spirited sometimes but friendly.

What this place is I'm still not certain but it seems we, we being Peloquin3, Gramalkin and myself, are all living the same dream. Collectively this dream seems to be called Animal Crossing. I'm not exactly what AC is the name of but I think it's some kind of dream realm.

I haven't given up hope that this is just a dream and neither should you. Don't be sucked in by the seductive patterns your towns offer you. Fishing, Feng Shui, bug collecting and more... They're all distractions to keep you seeing past the curtain of this dream. Your real lives still exist!

I remember mine! There was a place called Talon... And... And I live there... And my friends live there too... Think Derek! Think Dammit... Uh... There's Belle... Spike... Punchy... That store owner Tom Nook... And a bunch more... So many friends...

I have lots of friends in Talon! You should come live here too! We can all be friends! It'll be so much fun! Heck, in October there's mushroom hunting and Halloween! Be sure to get candy from Tom Nook's or you're friends will play tricks on you!

I love this place! Animal Crossing is a wonderful world to live in. I never want to leave! :)


Oh God... It's all about Animal Crossing now...

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