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Gray on gray // by da_bwat

Busy little bees

Posted by gramalkin on 2002.10.12 at 08:36
Current Mood: productive
Things have been moving along nicely in (cat)mandu.

I have paid off my expansion and have had a second story put on my house. I am now roughly 700k bells in debt to Tom Nook. He says that he can't expand any further, so I guess once this is paid off then I can kick back a little and start completing some of my furniture collections.

My shovel tree has matured, but I did not see a shovel hanging from the branches. However, once shaken, the tree did drop a shovel at my feet. I've found that with this new golden shovel, I can dig at random and sometimes will be rewarded with a bag of 100 bells. I once even dug up a fossil where there had been no evidence of anything buried there. I think I like this shovel very much.

While fishing the other day, I pulled a large char out of the pond at the base of the waterfall. I had caught one before and it had been donated to Blathers. So, I went to see what Tom Nook would offer for it... 10,000 bells! I was amazed. This large char was almost worth what the ceolocanth was worth!

Our fruit trees have been doing well too. We have a number of cherry trees scattered around town, as well as two or three apple trees. I have a lovely pear tree just behind my house, and we have a single orange tree by the train station. Now if I can just get some coconuts to grow on the beach.

I have been having terrible luck trying to catch bees. I have suffered multiple stings and my face has swollen to the point some of the townsfolk don't recognize me. If anyone else has had better luck in catching those pesky bugs, please give me some tips!

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